Business IGCSE

  • The Business IGCSE is an internationally recognised qualification
  • Study at your own pace with online support and access to tutorials
  • Flexible Assessments which you can complete and fit into your timetable
  • Competitive Tuition Fee £500 (or four IGCSE’s £1800)


About the Course

The Business IGCSE is an internationally recognised qualification that is designed to develop a good understanding of business terminology, concepts, and ideas within different contexts, such as international markets.

  • The aims of this course are to provide students with an in depth understanding of business ideas, skills, and concepts, through familiarising our students with business terminology and examples of real-life scenarios which are embedded throughout the course.
  • The course provides students with a solid understanding of key business concepts, which includes: stakeholders, finance, roles within a business, production, international markets, types of businesses, expansion and innovation.

This content is covered over 5 modules, all of which contain an assessment upon completion to help test and cement the student’s knowledge and understanding. Therefore, this gives our students the best chance of an IGCSE qualification in a flexible and affordable manner.

Course fees
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Career path

Upon completing this course, students will now have the foundations and fundamental knowledge needed to develop their Business skills further. This could be through enrolling onto an GCE A Level or a Foundation programme or one of our business-related courses, such as Level 4&5 Business and Management. Job roles associated with Business courses include: Managers, Marketers, Sales team member, Sales analyst, Product management and many more.

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