English IGCSE

  • The English IGCSE is an internationally recognised qualification
  • Study at your own pace with online support and access to tutorials
  • Flexible Assessments which you can complete and fit into your timetable
  • Competitive Tuition Fee £500 (or four IGCSE’s £1800)


About the course

The English IGCSE is an internationally recognised qualification that is designed to develop a good understanding of language, punctuation, types of writing, literature, and the writer’s purpose behind writing.

  • The aims of this course are to provide students with a solid, in depth understanding of concepts such as language use, subject terminology, punctuation and writer’s purpose, across an array of different text types. This will familiarise students with the different types of texts and therefore should help to develop skills, such as the ability to evaluate, identify and analyse.
  • In this course the types of texts students will be faced with range from poetry, creative writing, and letters, so that they get to experience all of the different types of text they will need to know in order to pass their IGCSE exam.
  • The English IGCSE will have a series of both multiple choice, research and essay-based assessments.

The contents of this course are covered over 5 modules, all of which contain an assessment upon completion to help test and cement the student’s knowledge and understanding. Therefore, giving students the best chance of passing an IGCSE qualification in a flexible and affordable manner.

Course fees
Module listing
What is included in the cost of my course?
How do I sit the IGCSE Exam?

Approximately 6 months before an exam date, Students should book their place at an exam centre to take the English (Specification B Paper 1 Paper code: 4EB1/01) exam.

The exam centre could be a be a private exam centre or a school or college that is also submitting its own students for the exam.

Edexcel publish a list of exam centres that accept private candidates. This won’t cover every available centre, so if there’s nothing shown in your area, we recommend contacting local schools and colleges directly.

Exam fees are not included in the course cost as they are paid directly to the exam centre. They will vary depending on which centre you choose.

How will I know if I am eligible to complete an IGCSE?

Please publish modules in offcanvas position.